Bucket drip irrigation for trees

How does this Bucket drip system works any idea on this? I was wondering to use, but not sure whether it is really helpful for a terrace Gardener.


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Bucket Drip Irrigation is similar to anyone drip irrigation kit, but here just we replace with a bucket and use some more related components, however the water flow will be very slow than a overhead water tank.
We will be listing Bucket Drip Irrigation kits in our store soon so you can buy them. In the mean time ask here let me know so I can name the components that are require for Bucket Drip Irrigation.


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This is small system where the water is not circulated to more plants, it's hard to distribute water for 100 plants. I would suggest you tuse the system if you have only 10 or less plants, because a bucket can hold only 20 to 30 litres of water. What is the Buscket size or how many litres it can store?
Nice information @JoyFreak , but this bucket drip irrigation doesn't work better than normal irrigation because of the pressure in water.I tried few years back and the water was unable to reach all the plants because of pressure. I would suggest you to use roof top water tank connection.
It's better to use Over tank water for Drip Irriagtion, than bucket. As we see Bucket holds only 20 litres of waters which can water the small amount of plants. If your Terrace Garden is small, then I suggest you to go with Bucket or else Overhead water tanker.
The connection is same as normal Drip Irrigation and here you should keep the bucket some upward length like 10 feets high so the water can reach all plants.
I will try to post a video if possible or someone should post here.