Drip Irrigation Kit for 100 Plants

Here comes we will be releasing our kit for 100 plants, since a lot of interest came from our readers. The kit is suitable for small areas where plants are aside either in gardens, or on terrace.



1. 16mm Main supply line Pipe-25 mtrs

2. 4mm Feeder line Pipe-50 mtrs

3. Drip Emitters-100 nos

4. Feeder to main supply line connectors-100 nos 5

5. Emitter Stakes-100 nos

6. Dummy -20nos(For closing any unwanted hole in main supply line)

7. Elbow connector-5

8. T connector-5

9. Straight connector with tap-5(Stop supply to particular line)

10. Straight connector- 3

11. Irrigation Fast Connection Quick Coupling Nipple Joint size 1/2\’\

12. End cap- 5

13. Drip Hole Punch-1

14. User Manual

15. Screen Filter

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This page will get updated soon since some of the products are not available with us.


Drip Irrigation kit for 100 plants