How to make cheap solar electric fencing

Solar Energy can useful for various purposes and it is almost free, life long. Still today most parts of this world does not use solar energy, even they don’t learn education on this free energy.

Lets we move further discussion of farming fence still today we find iron wire fences which can help only to save from animals for agriculture farms, but solar fence can even help save from human beings. Another important thing it will be almost cheap without electricity needed to charge batteries or power up the fence. Solar Fence charger can do all these types, gives power which our fence need.

Solar fencing mainly built for agriculture farming, but in these days it can be even used for animals farming. Solar fence is really helpful without generating smoke or anything and almost it can be free once it made.

For building this solar fence we need some steel rods around 5mm to 10mm,solar energizer and insulated wire.quantity always depends upon your farm except the solar fence charger.A solar fence charger can provide the power upto three weeks once it charged.

Let build first for an agriculture farm.

Most of the clients asked me How to make a cheap solar electric fencing for them as they need to protect it from animals like buffaloes sheep’s, goats. Vegetable farms always had mini size plants so solar fencing is compulsory for as long as vegetable farms run. If we want to protect from buffaloes, then we should build stronger fence and the height of the fence should be more.

We need some steel rods length should be 1 metre minimum. There are two types of fences movable, permanent fence. A movable fence where we can move steel rods from one place to the other and they are suitable for small gardens. Fixed fences are Good for large farms where no security is need. Buy 1000 metre of electric fence wire rolls from the market cheap once which are made from reputed company.

A movable fence easily made using 5mm or 6mm steel rods and the price is too low for that diameter steel rods. If they are not in 1metre size of length cut them using hacksaw or an angle grinding. Make all of them 1 metre in length of these steel rods. Fix each with 2 insulators so no animal should pass inside or outside.

Insulator wires are several types, but first we should know what type of insulator wire should require, Here we get good steel insulator wire and it comes for along life also best suitable for steel rods. Insulator wire mounted on this steel rods using clamps and bolts. This is a cheap method to build for anyone who even don’t have experience.

Before installing this steel rods into the ground, mark with a sketch pen 20 or 25 cm so that the rest should on the surface of the ground. Use’ Hammer for stab the rods into the ground, make sure the rods are at the marker point, place these rods apart 3 to 4 metre each. Make sure any stems or branches should not touch to this fence.

Solar Fence
Solar Fence

Now we are in last step to finalize solar fence, one main important thing is we should make an earth rod for connecting black terminal of charger or else the fence will not work. For this we should use 10 to 15mm steel rods and insert this rod leaving 20 to 25cms on the ground and the rest should in the ground just like we make ground wires for our homes.

Fix the tape onto the insulators and make 1 or2 strand fence. These tapes are available for $20 to $25.

Fixing the solar fence charger in the final step.

Once all the above things completed we should check again the rods are tight, steel insulated wire. Connect the black terminal to the ground rod and the red wire from the charger to the fence of the tape or the insulated wire. Let’s switch on the charger to see that the light will glow or not also read instructions that came from manufacturer. Place the panel always towards the sky where we get more sunlight in a day.

I will describing in next post about Solar fence for large farms stay tuned here to build your solar fences for cheap.