Would landscaping be a bad college degree?


No, Who said it is a bad degree? Every position and a job is the important to everyone. if we all are manucaturer of drip Irrigation parts, then who is our customer?


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I don't think it would be a bad college degree, but of course it depends on a person. IF this is something they enjoy doing, there is no reason why they won't choose this path. I think landscaping is on depend at the moment. Won't it be a perfect job to design parks and gardens? :)


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Yeah, Landscaping is a great job in these days, however still people buying homes in the storeyed buildings instead of on a plot. The cost is too high to design a garden for planting trees and one need to use a software.


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According to what I researched, the field will be growing at a rate of 5 percent in the US, not sure about other nations.  Anyway, I do know it seems like landscaping jobs are in big demand.  I mean, they need people to mow lawns, trim bushes etc - and the landscaping degree holder would be the one preparing things beforehand.