Worst Vegetable?

I actually grew up to love almost all vegetables, but one that I can't eat no matter how it's prepared is zucchini. Not a huge fan at all, I don't like the texture of it either


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I love every vegetable, but which we hate have minerals proteins in them. I don't like to eat radish, but it has lot of beneficial to health and somehow i will put in my mouth to enter into stomach.


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I like most veggies although I have to have them cooked. I can’t eat most of them raw; bothers my stomach too much. It’s too bad as I love fruits & veggies! One that I don’t care for is in the squash family. Squash, zucchini. No matter how many ways we tried using it, cooking with it, just can’t get into it. Asparagus is another one. The texture is quite off-putting. It’s too bad as that’s an easy one to grow lol
when i was younger i never really liked sprouts or spinache but i have grown to like them over time, i would say sweet potato probably have a dislike for still.
Green peas, on their own, aren't unhealthy. But because they are also high in carb content, eating too many in one sitting may raise your blood sugar higher and faster than other non-starchy vegetables.