What is your gardening experience?

Myself, I grew up on a rural farm.  However, it wasn't really a farm, at least, not compared to my dad's time.  I mean, my dad picked his parent's crops to survive - while crops I occasionally have picked were made for fun.

OK, anyway, as somewhat noted, I occasionally hoed some weeds in a garden and once in a blue moon picked potatoes quite viciously.
In these days it is for fun, but almost people started to take care for their healthy life. I would suggest you to take care for your kids future too. A healthy plant can offer you a lot of vitamins to your bodies so don't loss them easily.
I usually grow tomatoes most time and they are been used in a lot of variety of cooking and some other vegetables like potatoes, ladies finger, Onion, but all these are unsuccessful for a longer time.
I am looking to have more vegetables in the upcoming months.
I am yet to start out and looking a lot of help from you guys and girls. I am hoping something to grow in this cold season. My last plants were tomatoes and that offered me only 3 to 5 tomatoes per plant. I lost hopes with these plants as they are no way to regenerate again.
Gardening is too much fun. I with my dad have a small garden. We both grow vegetables and flowers. The basic process includes the seed selection, preparing soil properly, looking for equipment, plantation process, weed removal. My dad trust Pest Exterminators Granite Bay CA for pest control. Since pest control is a necessary and important part of gardening.
Nowadays, at least in the US, organic and hemp, is a big temptation. Well, definitely, hemp is exploding in demand. Nonetheless, probably the market is already saturated.