What is the difference between fruit and vegetables?


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Hmm, fruits are easy to eat without cooking, while vegetables needs to cook. Hope this helps to you, btw what type of vegetables do you have in your country?


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There are lot of things between fruits and vegetables, although you see the rates of fruits are higher copared to the vegetables. Fruits are used for vitamins while vegetables too, but they have low.
Fruits can be eatable without cooking while some vegetables are too eatable like carrot, tomatoes, cucumber.
Ill prepare some sheet for you with lot of differences in the coming days.
One thing Fruit is a Vegetable and Vegetable is a fruit, so now what you say?
Fruits had more vitamins and minerals for eating them also the fruit can be taken at any time, but not vegetables. Growing fruits is the hardest thing in this world and they are sweet, soar and salty for tasty.


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Fruits usually develop from a flower of the plant whereas vegetables are the actual part of a plant like leaves, stems, bulbs, etc...
Thanks for your variations and I am hoping to get more variations to differentiate both.