Using Cover Crops

Some farmers plant a big load of cover crops, crops not harvested but only used to preserve nutrients, during the off-season.  OK, who has done this and what crops do you recommend?  

Anyway, some benefits of cover crops are the following:

  • soil quality improvement
  • a bulwark against erosion
  • improved fertility
  • insect prevention
  • weed prevention
OK, the crops that I read are good cover crops are:

  • oats
  • soybeans
  • clovers
  • rye
  • alfalfa
I have seen soyabeans and tried in the past to grow, but failed. I might try this year too since we love to eat those soyabeans and organic would be so much tasty. The rest I don't know from your list since the climate doesnt offer to grow such things I believe, however most of them are growing in greenhouses.


Staff member
Oats are the one of the best cultivation in Haryana and that helps in loss weight keeps blood pressure in control and that cannot prevent heart attack. Their are several factors using Oats which helps for a human than medicines.
During hot weather, it's when having cover crops comes in very handy for your farm especially if you don't run any irrigation system. They will help to prevent direct sunlight and heat to damage things in your farm and make the soil very dried and lack of nutrients.