Trouble ruining out my sprinklers? Help!?

My spouse and I tried ruining out our sprinklers this mid-day. We shut the watering device (the one linked with the pipe joints under the street), started out the device to the watering, and then installed the air air compressor. We switched on the air compressor & switched on the watering. The manages said Place 1 was on, but the landscape sprinkler leads never came out of the floor. We tried every station, and nothing occurred with any of them.

We tried starting & ending the valves & nothing. We examined that the air compressor was installed right, and that it had enough psi (it was well above 120 at maximum). We've used this air air compressor every season, and have done the same procedure every season. We have no concept why it wouldn't perform, but we tried everything we could think of for an time. My spouse is going to gain access to an electric cost audience from perform the next day to see if the control panel tour aren't operating at some factor.

It's raining right now, and I'm scared it might lock up this evening. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks!
they might be a leak in the pipe that is losing pressure.
i would suggest that you check your pipe if its not that check if water is going into the source pipes.


Try replacing the sprinklers and the parts, wherever necessary, Their might be some damage at any stage pr at any part. Check them by switching on sprinklers, also test those parts by connecting to another system or just connect directly to a valve.
Hope this helps for your problems.