Success at Farming (as a business)

Any ideas? I live in the US - and my cousin was involved in organic farming - but it just didn't last. What do you think he did wrong?

Myself, I think the market was possibly too saturated and he didn't have the outreach costs (advertising or something similar) to overcome the obstacle.


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Here some people get orders from Hotels directly, so your cousin should had some patience in getting into business. I cannot say what is the current situation of economy in US, however in India the Economy is dead under PM Modi.
Sometimes it happen and if it is startup, then definetely gives more problems in building customers. I would suggest you to check with other Farmers who are doing same business. Hydroponics farming make good profits without worries. If you advertised your business in proper method, then more customers is at your door step.
For the startup you need to consult some buyers and advertisers to advertise your business. Your brother did wrong by closing business as he have to maintain for some more time and consulting with others. Business can't build within a time frame, but once it is established it's hard to demolish it.
I myself runs a small business and made some decent profit in hte past, but later so many started to sell same products and the buyers became very low.
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