Solar Fencing


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We are looking to get fencing for our farm which is located in north of India, Can somebody post your prices for acre land? Also this is for agriculture land area only. The best and low price can be accepted for the fencing.


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We are a manufacturer of fencing products and we deliver it anywhere in the world, but we provide laborers within in Andhra Pradesh presently, but in future their would be more people to do fencing from our company.
Thanks Admin,
Our project has still not yet started, but can you post your products to see?
I am too looking Solar Fencing for my farm since it will save plants from animals and theft too. I am hoping the admin will post some component images here and including prices.


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I would definitely start looking over the net for the cheap route to accomplish what it is you are looking to do!
Cheap will not work all the time, make sure you are using quality products from a reputable company instead of lower quality manufacturers. I have seen only a few times works, but still people are not making genuine products for cheap due to the material cost in market.