Solar Fencing Cost

I am from Bangalore and looking to fence my home, so can somebody tell me how much it will be costed for totally. If you require more information please ask me here in thread so I can answer to you. Thanks in advance.
The fencing cost depends upon the quality of poles and components, but here most of them just give in contract. These contract people use cheap components and install them, but if you go in deeper or ask them to use quality, then they can do for you.
I would suggest you to provide a photo or the size of your home so someone can quote the estimation.
The size will be around 200 square yards and a compound wall is already built so just want the poles should be inserted on this wall.


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I think you need to watch this video as it explains everything, but you can buy poles from local market and electronic parts separately to install within your boundaries.
Thanks for the video, but what I saw is most of these people are greedy in money than quality as per my views. In the video it has nice explanation, but just need to apply some knowledge before buying them.


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What is the update on the solar fencing? Has anybody found a good, albeit cheap one for their own use?
Thank you for the video @admin . While I couldn't understand the language, I got the gist of it. :)
I consulted nearby fencing installation people and they installed in 1 day, but the cost was triple than the equipments, but I am satisfied with them as the work done in no time.

I thought to install myself, but the my daily wage is bit more than those installer guys and even have free time.