Require Frontier Timer TM 619


We need Frontier Timer 619 TM in bulk quantity for life long, please let us know your prices and to beat competition. We are looking to sell Drip Irrigation kits online and offline, please take this advantage for future orders and contact us.


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We have currently 8 nos in the Store, feel free to check them here if it needs for you.
Hi David how many you want or do you like to sell, since there are no quotes from anyne in this thread. I am too looking to import some timers from china however they need in large amounts. Anyone please message me if you have any contacts in personal.
You can check on Zauba where import details can be found using HSN code. In these days taxes has been increased and it is hard to sell. Good luck for everyone who are selling online.


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At this time you cannot import because of Cornoavirus in the market. I hope you can get within in our country rather than importing. P.s I had 5 timers which were bought a year back so if someone wants then let me know. I don't want to keep most of the items for a long time.
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