Potato Farming


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My experience with farming is nothing like what my Dad went thru.  I mean, he grew up on a rural farm back when it was really tough!

Anyway, though, I have had some experience picking potatoes so I was wondering who has done that - or has been the main farmer raising them?  OK, how did you raise them?  Did you grow them for profit?   What were your results?


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Nice to hear story of your family about Farming.
As per knowledge here nowadays growing Potatoes is best for profit and myself never grown potatoes in life, my brother used to to plant by cutting at the top of potato and keep it in soil, however sometimes it might grow, but never came potatoes in life LOL.

Ill try this time to plant a new home, but planting in farm land is best as we can easily expand the plants and potatoes in farms than in home or pots.
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I grown potatoes few times, but most of them were in small and tasty. Potatoes need specific climate zone, and manure is important that plays a major role for growing Potatoes.


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Ireland is famous for growing potatoes, but it doesn't have the mountainous nature of South America, the starting point of potatoes. Anyway, with Ireland as guide, I'd say wet, cool climates would be great for potatoes. Also, with Peru as a guide, it's no wonder Idaho, USA (Rocky Mountains) is a major producer.


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It's nice to hear so many countries are in the competition for growing Potatoes, but I am sure our country India is a low level for growing these types. I still don't know whether our country grows or import them from other countries.