Any toxic substance used to kill animals or plants that damage crops or ornamental plants or that are hazardous to the health of domestic animals or humans.
Organophosphate Pesticides
Carbamate Pesticide
Pyrethroid Pesticides


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mr nouman
Their are many pesicides which can kill any harmful diseases to plants, but do you know any pesticides names, then please post here.


I don't think they are against law and it depends upon manufacturer who have too look and take license for manufacturing. Pesticides in these days it is very important to learn and keep clean our plants.
Everything in this world are against law and have to work on the government policies. Most of the pesticides comes under no warranty for killing worms.


Against the law is a very wide open statement.... what law exactly. Aside from that.. where is this a law? It helps if you give a bit more information when saying something you post.


3DWaffle1 said:
It is not against the law. It provide a better yield to the crops. However, we end up creating super bugs.
I agree at this point, and most of the time I heard that Farmers end their life, when the crops get diseases. This is bad Govt should provide them some proper loans and also insurance if they lost their crops.:heart: