New from Australia

I am Robert from Sydney, Australia was invited by a friend to me here. I am growing some peppers and cherry tomatoes from long time, unfortunately I lost all the crops few months ago.


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It's a small garden surrounded by my home and utilized Drip Irrigation all over the Garden.I love to grow vegetables and fruits, but didn't succeeded here.


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Ohh sorry to hear, read this forum and take advice from others. First time it will go like that only and after you will be growing a lot.


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Hi Robert,
Welcome to the dripworld forums, feel free to ask any questions here and I would try to help as much as i can.


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Hello Robert,
It's nice to hear you are from Australia and came into this forums. could you let me know howdid you find this forums? I am still looking to make more posts and keep active for everyone, so please join with me in the race.