Let nature take care of lawn

I wasn't aware of how dry our summer had been and I know we had grub problems so when I saw the circle spots in our yard I panicked. I used the right stuff and then decided to get some grass seed to replenish those areas but waited a couple weeks. I'm glad I did because we got rain for a few days and the grass just took care of itself and turned green in those dead spots! Amazing!


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I think you are lucky to have rain in the end for regrowth of grass. Here Rain is not happening on time and Sun will not rising regularly in winter or rainy seasons. It's nice to hear that your grass has regrown and you were happy from it.
Yep, it's super green outside now from all the rain we kept getting. I'm glad I was able to return the grass seed and not have to use it or waste time watering it with the sprinkler. We have 1 acre of land and moving the sprinkler around is no fun.
1 Acre is a big land, so we often need assistants to repair our lawn or watering the grass. I am hearing that your problem solved by rain. Here in most time we have to use sprinkler for watering the grass in order to keep it alive.
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