Is their opportunity for farming and irrigating technicians in this modern world?

I am a university student doing my 1st year at ould - course is farming and watering technological innovation.i and my set partners are the first set to persue this, we are completely sightless about our upcoming.I am basically desired to know the opportunity of this course, please help me.


Yes, Investing in Agriculture is good and buying Irrigation products from trusted stores gives profits. If you want any help, post here.


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In these every country need to save water and energy for future use, so you will get the right job or business for further studying in saving about water.


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Try investing your own money into those farming and you will be loving soon. I would recommend to choose Hydroponics at this time because they can make huge profits and less maintenance.


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You can go with the course and Currently Covid 19 virus will bring more jobs in these areas since all have to grow their own food instead of going to vegetable store. You can chekc within your areas as how they are working and how much profit is acquiring by them.
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