Is my soil wrong for carrots?

For the first time last year I planted a vegetable garden using the existing space the previous owners had used. They eventually turned the garden into a sunflower garden because there was too much work involved in maintaining a vegetable garden.

I planted some carrots along with some other vegetable and my carrots really didn't grow very well into the ground. Does this happen often? They stayed thin and short and eventually rotted or mutated into something strange looking. Any advice?


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Hi sorry for the late reply,
If the other vegetables has grown successfully or partially, then the problem would be from the seeds not the soil did you tried other company carrot seeds? or did you even tried growing in pots or containers? Hydroponics?
let me know if any advice needed, it happens to everone on the first time, but planting again will give more experience.
I hadn't thought about using pots. We have a lot of garden space so I just did that. The other vegetables we had were tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, beans, onions and some herbs. The only other plants that failed were the onions and broccoli. The broccoli were in the flood zone of the garden and I need to fill that in this year.


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It's nice to hear that you have grown a lot of vegetables, I would suggest this time try different company seeds and also remember where you sowed them or use seed tray. I never observed Broccoli here, however it is comparative cauliflower heard from search engine.

Does Broccoli is good for health? and any recipe you made in the past?


would suggest you to use Vermi Compost so this can give some good fertilize and for growing anything. I will try to learn more about growing carrots and they were cheap in market. The reason is for not growing because of the cost although we all are looking for fresh vegetables only.