Is hydroponics better than soil?


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Yes, Hydroponics is better than soil gardening, since you have to spend a lot of time in soil cleaning, etc. I was writing an article about advantages and disadvantages of Hydroponics, so surely Ill paste here.
Hydroponics is the best method for cultivating vegetables and fruits. I haven't ddi much for Hydroponics, but in the coming days ill do gardening. Hydroponics also bring more profits than soil plants because of its fast growth under shade.
Tjere are so many advantages and disadvantages for Hydroponics and everyone should learn about them.
@admin Did you wrote that article regarding Hydroponics advantages and disadvantages?
Hydroponics is always good than soiled plants because of no more additional maintenance required. If you go through Soiled plants their we have to maintain several things like soil, water, Sun light. In hydroponics everything is under water except sunlight so its easy to grow without sun or rain.
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