Hydroponic Ginseng


New Farmer
How to grow Ginseng in Hydroponics with fast production? Does any recommend good Ginseng seeds company for fastest production. I am literally looking to invest in Ginseng production here in Sydney.
Ginseng is one of the great production in any country for having more profits. I am not sure where we can find good seeds, but I think Chinese may be the best supplier for seeds to any country.
I will be too watching this thread for Ginseng seeds and its growth using Hydroponics.
There is no quickest thing for growing Ginseng in Hydroponics, yet what I propose it might take 3 to 5 years for best developed roots. The benefit is too high per acre of land it can give $50k. Kindly counsel to a neighborhood merchant of Hydroponics in Australia so they can cite you the best framework.

Ensure you have enough assets and enough tolerance in this long haul of developing plant
This is more high cost plant and it might take loong duration, but I don't have such waiting mood as everything should done within a month or two. 2 to 3 years means it takes lot of time and money for maintaining it, although we can grow other crops for more profits in less time.