HydraFlex Draper from John Deere

This is latest technology Draper Platform 745FD machine from John Deere company , that makes farmers to free from various thing like cutting dried plants and removing from the landscape, etc.

Features :

  • Industry-exclusive HydraFlex™ technology
  • 45-foot operating width
  • Increased side draper belt wear life
  • Smoother feeding in bushy crops with the optional 18" top crop auger
Increased performance than older machines and increased in Versatility.

When in the field for removing plants. Keep the efficiency you anticipate in on-ground reducing while making use of designed new functions to create growing plants like canola better than ever before.
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This could work in larger fields and easier to remove weeds or waste material of plants. The dried plants can be removable easily and keeps the land in healthy condition for next farming.