Howdy Folks

Howdy folks,

Shawn here from southern Illinois (USA). I'm a 30 something year old guy who loves the outdoors whether I am hiking or playing in the dirt in my garden.

I'm mainly a veggie gardner, growing the stuff I like for myself and family.

We also cultivate wild mushrooms using dead wood or buying pre-spored logs.

We also hunt for mushrooms and edible plants as well.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to this community! :)
Hello Shawn,
Welcome to the dripworld forums, I am glad to hear that you are interested in gardening, nice to meet you here. I see a lot of videos that most US people cultivate mushrooms.


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Hi Shawn,
Welcome to the Dripworld Forums based on Agriculture

Its nice to hear about your lifestyle and interests, please post some photos of any plants in and outside of your home.

Thanks again for joining our community.