How to setup a garden on roof?


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Does any body know or have basic setup a garden on roof?
Please give me some instructions or guide so that I can do it myself.
I don't really see the big deal.  I suppose you would just make a large container and put dirt in it!  After that, you would just treat it like any other garden.  OK, am I off-base here?

OK, well, that answer was sort of dumb!  Here is a better one:
It is same as where you place the plants in pots. I would suggest you to build a green house on terrace and grow better plants.
Some of my recommendations are as follows:
1. Green house or polyhouse
2. PVC Drip irrigation
3. Drainage connection for waste water.
I will post some images of terrace gardening as this is one of the best way to plant and utilize free space. I am getting a lot of space on my terrace soon so I will keep so many plants for my kitchen.
Having a roof garden is getting more & more popular. What I'd do is, if you see someone with one, be it a residential or commercial building, just go & ask how they did it. I'd think most people would be quite open to giving some tips.