How to quit the flourishing audio when automated spriklers start?


New Farmer
A case study from doit yourself dot com confirms the booming sound, but could not access the whole answer as I lack previlege, even after enrolling.
please help me to solve the problem.
When the automated water irrigating comes on 10 pm. The growing sound is noticed when the irrigating system changes areas to water different parts of the garden. Not sure whether the growing sound is noticed when system begins.The sound started @ a month ago. Before the sprinklers started about 5 am, and nobody switched on the system.


The above link nothing shows about the problem, I suggest to you check the pressure and the sound where occurring. The only problem shows that sprinklers might have been damaged, but not 100% sure.
Try on some low pressure to see if the sound stops or not, please let me know and this will useful for others too, those who get the same problem.
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