How to calculate amp load based totally on watts for 12v system?

I want to know how much amps are using my inverter to load from battery? could somebody give me exact calculations of the amps and watts based method.
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I will get the forumla for you, but i am not familiar with these solar panels except in Drip in Sprinkler, however I too thought such things long time back to know more about Solar power and their load facilities during night and sunny days.
I am pasting this answer, but hoping someone will give better answer for you.
In a direct current, 1 amp at 110 volts equals 110 watts,
whereas 1 amp at 220 volts equals 220 watts.
but what could be 1 amp of 12volts in watts? I think 12 watts would be for 12volts.
Hi thanks for your replies, but I didn't mentioned about the inverter specifications. It's normal a inverter which gives load for Computer and a 40 watts tube.