How to Build Small NFT Hydroponic System

I was looking to build small Hydroponic systems for growing tomato and spinach plants. Can somebody explain me clearly what I need and where can I find all these materials?
Here is the link
I am still waiting for the reply, but looks like so many were bsuy during holidays.
Here is the list of parts.
  • Screws and such
  • 4 rubber adjustable end caps with hose clamps - about $3 each
  • Submersible pump -
  • Teflon tape
  • 16 oz Plastic cups
  • Plants
  • Irrigation tubing
  • Opaque Bucket
  • Plumbing cement
  • Growing medium - I used expanded clay ball
  • Hydroponics Nutrient
  • 66" of 4" PVC Pipe
  • 43" 2x4"s, one 1.5x7.5x58" piece, and a scrap of plywood.
  • Please show me the parts with images and how to fix it as tired of reading on instructable without answers.
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