How long to install?

I am looking to install Solar panels for my small home, so how much time would take if myself installed. The house has stairs so I can climb and drill holes to fix all the things. please let me know with images for fixing.
It doesn't make much time for installing solar panels at home from experts. If you are installing by yourself then it takes few days less than a week and if by laborers, then it could be around 3 days.

If you want in a shorter time, then increase more laborers, but all it takes less time only because of automated systems.


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If it is a big project then takes a week, but if it is a small then it would be a day or hour. I would say you have to plan first and then install your Solar panels to avoid wrong things and cost effective.

Their are some other things like the distance between the roof and lights or fans. Don't be in hurry just take your time to finish everything what you want.

Slow and steady wins the race.