How does weeds spread?


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Does anybody how do this weeds spread in your lawn From where does these weeds will come into the Garden?
Any ideas on this tio stop population


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The seeds of the weed plants are carried around by the wind. It's hard to stop them completely, by you can reduce the weeds by keeping the area around your garden clean (if there is a chance to do so, of course).


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I am sorry for late reply, anyway I would reply here for getting rid of weeds from plants. You need to place the plant or plants away that are affected and use some medicine to kill these weeds. The earliest you clean, more easier to restore your plants health else they may die.
I wil look some of the medicines for these weeds in the coming days to put in our store. Can you post an image of your plant that affected from weeds.


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At the moment our plants are not affected, because we've just started gardening after a winter break in Ukraine, but very soon they will proliferate, I'm sure.
It is nice to hear about your experience in gardening than me, however I too tried in these weeds removal, but it takes some time from us. As per the OP please use your time to remove them or hire someone who can maintain it in removing Weeds.