Grow Lights

Who has used them?  What are the best brands?  What are the best prices on them (cheapest, best value etc.)?  What are good strategies on using them?

Anyway, I'm a bit confused on whether healthy plants can come about without grow lights.  OK, at the least, are those plants good enough for personal use, but maybe not good enough for commercial production?
Most of these grow-lights come from china and they are good all the time unless we know it is a fake factory. I don't trust chineese companies since they make beautiful but doesnot meet to our country standards.

Healthy plants come as long as you follow correct steps either using grow lights or any lights. I havent tried grow lights since it cost for us than buying vegetables in market. Most countries like US, UK, Europe and so on use these type of techniques.
I can't see much a use for them outside some area where there isn't much light. Some examples would be the far northern regions of the Earth like Northern Canada or Alaska (winter only).

Anyway, another use for them is illegal crops - but I won't get into that, LOL.
Some people use them daily as I seen in another forums to cultivate medicine plants, here is a video that describes how to use led lights and suitable for us.

Yep, Illegal crops can be grown, but once they caught will be permanent jail.


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I don't have any experience in this field, but heard a lot of Grow lights that are used in US because of large towers and no space for farming or time. Ill try to discover and let you know which type of lights are useful for us.