favorite farm Machinery ?


My Favorite Farm machine is Self Harvester Combine which can work for Harvesting,
Wheat, paddy, Soyabean, Grams & Pulses

Special Features

Pro knife type cutter-bar drive (Gear box fitted for drive the blade assembly).
Attractive & New Ashoka Leyland Engine.
Cutter-bar Dust remover blower.
Excellent performance of Hydraulic System.
Heavy Duty High Speed Gear.
Single Lever Gear, Disc Brake System.
Huge Capacity Diesel Tank.
Sensor Provided for thresher RPM.
Adjustable Front Ladder & Seat.
Each part manufactured by CNC machine.
Canopy with Music System, Mobile Charger & Focus Lamp for more visibility at night.
Double Hydraulic Pump & Double Pressure Brakes.


This is my favorite machinery that could used to my small farm, but I used to rent from others since not having enough money to buy it.