I have seen most of the gardens that uses Drippers, but so much leakage in them and most of them drips continously without timeset. Even Jain or some top companies they are getting more water in less time.
This could occur in most times when the manufacturer will never see problems or not fascinated to examine their products and currently a dripper is less expensive in market when we examined them.

These cheaper companies are using recycled material to make more profits than helping to a farmer. I would suggest you to contact administration as he will be beneficial for your needs.
I even facing this problem due to lack of pressure control and water lines that need correct pressure. This is hard to overcome for gardeners, but hope someone will come up with good quality drippers that doesn't leak.
These Drippers manufacturers doesnt take care in this situation. I too facing the same problem, but what can be done when their is no other alternative drippers to fix this problem.
I need 1 liter per hour drippers, is their anyone knows where i buy online or someone can sell to me? I have heard 8LPH drippers only which is currently in use, but not interested in them.