Do you like mowing the lawn?


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Mowing the lawn can be relaxing and a way to get some sun.  However, though, this is the age of riding lawnmowers, lol!  I mean, when my brothers were kids, in the 1970s, mowing was tough work! 

greencorner said:
I am thinking to use Mowing lawn, but can you advice me what shall I do?
I don't understand your question.  Do you mean a push vs riding lawn mower?  Do you mean which brands?


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I would suggest you to use Robo mower as it is one of the best mower in the world that moves in a wide variety styles and cut the grass correctly. If you are looking for a cheap mower then use Lawn Mower that can perfectly clean your grass in landscape.
I have bad grass allergies that act up when the grass is being mown so I don't do that job here and my husband handles it. At our old house we had a push mower but we have an acre of land here so he uses a riding lawn mower. The maintenance on the lawn tractor is a lot of work and money but the mowing goes a lot quicker. It's hard to go up hills though because it's not as powerful as some other kinds that are more expensive.


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I see the experienced person from @Lämmchen that is best way to use for your lawn. I think the OP was looking for a less price Lawn Mower, maybe he have to choose walk mower that could be easy, but the laborer cost comes. If the OP doesn't have time or the area is big then he can choost the tractor type as the above poster told.

This is what we used to use on our smaller lawn and almost everyone else in the neighborhood had them too. The bag is removable for when you have a mulching blade put in place.


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Ive used to view most of them online, but don't have experience in them, however the model I saw sometime ago on Amazon, but you had a great experience. Here the price grew up for land cost and unable to get place in cities.
Few years a lot of people used to keep place for their Garden, but now nothing everything covered with buildings.
How tough is the lawn? I mean, some might require some bush-hog or something! Anyway, a tough lawn can kill a regular mower - or a weed-eater!
It's not big, but it is similar to the picture posted above. It is around 500 square yards with 150 sq yards house inside. First time I have to buy and see how it goes with the lawn mower.