Diy Hydroponic System

I had come up to make an Hydroponic system by myself since it looks much easier just like drip irrigation installation and I want to give a try. P.S let me know what are the requirements and how can setup one system easily. I watched on Youtube, but asking once more to decide the setup.
Their are lot of systems which are made by normal people, you just need some pipes, Drill Machine and a motor pump few other elated acessories. I am also looking to install this Hydroponic system since it can save our life from Toxins.
Why not to give a try with pindfresh or make it by yourself for growing leafy vegeyables? I wish to have lot of plants on my terrace using Hydroponics method, but I want to grow brinjals, tomatoes and some fruits. pindfresh=beginner_.jpg
This is very nice system and easy to install also the pipes are available for cheap and I wish to have four lines of Pipes so more plants can be grown. I am happy here to learn and share lot of things.


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Do you wish to have a system? I have installed long back and grown some leafy vegetables, but due no time was given to someone,.
I wish to process some Hydroponic systems in the future.