Current Location?


Our farm locations are in Adhra Pradesh India, yeah we like here growing anything according to soil condition.


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I don't have any farm in India, but I used to have a vegetable and fruit garden in Ukraine. My parents grow everything from onions, garlic, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, egg-plants, carrots to strawberries, raspberries , red and black currant and gooseberries. We also have a lot of fruit trees and at least 10 varieties if grapes. Of course I would prefer having a farm in India as well, but it's not the case at the moment.


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Nice to yhear you have grown a lot of things and your parents too. When I was Kid Grapes plants was grown in my home and worms has been came to the plant as don't know at that time to prune leaves so worms do not come. We finally decided to prune the plant instead of leaves, but later this came into hear from other persons.

I am looking to plant Carrots this time so it can be healthy for life.
There are a handful of different farm locations based near me, although I've seen them to mostly just grow cactus, palm trees, and other low water usage plants when compared to ore of a "normal" water usage from a forest based area.
My Farm is located in Kerala`and i am doing a lot of hard work from the past, but currently left it out because of the water floods.
Kerala is one of the best place for growing food in the farms, including vegetables and fruits.
I had only small farm in Bangalore as I planted some of the vegetable plants in the past and presently I am looking to buy more land for cultivating rice and vegetables.
I am in the Andhra City, but once getting enough funds will be moving to Village for farming. I love it and want to live with it forever. Although in cities we find good food, easy business or jobs that make us to forget Agriculture.
I am not moving to anywhere for this small gardening since it is my hobby and love to have a balcony gardening and on the roof. I am in the current city only and stay here forever without moving anywhere in the world.
While I don't have a farm or orchard, we do have flowers on our acreage I tend to. I don't have a big garden as my parents do & we help out there whenever we can instead. I'm in Michigan, USA.