Can you help with Indoor Grow Box?


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I 'm going to construct a grow box from an already made cabinet or dresser. My main concern is air flow and co2. Can I just rig up a small fan? How would I provide co2 to this box with out breaking the bank bc I am trying to save as much money as possible. This box will be for auto flowering plants only so they will stay small.if I'm lucky just 3 plants at a time. Does co2 need to be provided for such small plant life if air flow is good? I will be growing in soil. Thanks.


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Everything is required, but if air is good then need not to worry, also study about the plant how to grow it. Make sure as you thought about CO2 and rig it up etc.
If you have any more questions don't hesitate please post here.
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Ill examine more information regarding that, but if you purchased from on the internet or from a store everything would be their. Can you display what you purchased or looking to buy? You have described excellent information that are essential else the plant will die.