Branch Cutting Tool

I was searching this tool from long ago for my mango tree. Does anybody tell me what is the name of the cutter and how much price it?
Any link to the product?
I have searched online and unable to find a product of like this. This is a good machine that we can able to cut trees where our hands can't reach.


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I haven't seen this & don't know myself. Another option you can do is post in the comments section of the Youtube video. Others may be able to answer your questions.


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You can go with this tool and attach to some pipes so that it can reach to the top of tree, but see the strength of the pipe and handling. I too tried manual pruning tools, but getting them to work is impossible in some areas.



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I like those tools, but this will shake our hands, did you ever tried in using such tools? I have an electric plywood cutter which makes lot of noise and shakes too.
I am too searching for a smaller ones by using 775motor or any Dc small motor. I may think it is possible with 775 motor to cut normal branches and fruits.