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SEM abbreviates Search Engine Marking. Yes!! What you thought is right. When you see words Search Engine which can get the meaning easily it’s related to online. Exactly search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing. SEM provides promotions of websites and it’s visibility in search engine result pages.SEM may integrate SEO.

SEM for website:
SEM adjusts website content through this architecture can be upgraded to achieve great rankings in Search engine results. Sixpath technologies is a Search Engine marketing Company having group of SEM experts who are well expertised in giving excellent suggestion for maintaining your website at top level.

Methods of Search Engine Marketing:
I have just mentioned that Search Engine Marketing is mainly helpful for maintaining your website in good position on globe. Let us have a look on what are the best methods to follow in Search Engine Marketing.

Searching Keywords
Whois protocol
Back links
Website checker
Searching Keywords:
Keyword research is the first method of Search Engine Marketing. Keyword research and analysis is very easy method to get implemented. It includes just three easy steps:

Making sure that the website can be indexed in the search engines.
Finding the most relevant and popular keywords for the website and its products and portfolios.
Using those keywords on the site. Then those keywords can generate and convert traffic.
Web site search results depend on search perception. It includes title, mega tags, keywords and site indexing.

Whois protocol:
Whois is a protocol which is query and response model. We all know the purpose of query and response protocols that it works for our queries by producing the results from database where data about websites is already stored. The data is like domain name, IP address, etc..;
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