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  1. ramesh

    Infected Vegetables in Market

    Its not a fake video, but mixed video. We are seeing a lot of vegetables are infected with Toxins.
  2. ramesh

    Baking Soda as a Pesticide

    Hi thanks for the answer can you let me know who much can mix in a liter of water or any other liquid. I had some white flies and other worms on few plants so want to utilize Toxin free liquids to kill them.
  3. ramesh

    Baking Soda as a Pesticide

    What does baking soda will do in gardening> does this is same as which we use in cooking? I am thinking it is a different type of baking soda to kill insects and worms. Please explain to me its functions and other uses.
  4. ramesh

    Diy Grow Led light Stands for plants

    I want to grow inside home where sun can't be reached so thought to grow using Led lights. I had come up with this video and it is very simple however I am afraid of electricity bills. Does anyone know what could be my ROI and Electricity bill if I run whole month or year continously?
  5. ramesh

    Transplanting tips

    I had lost most of the plants which are brought from nurseries and always thinking these people use some magic to grow. My friends too complained because nursery plants didnt survived when they transplanted in their homes. I tried borrowing plants from friends too and this also didnt come in...
  6. ramesh

    Electric composter

    Electric Bins consumes power so the energy is needed that makes our loss. I have never thought Electric bins, but in the future their may be a solar bin. I am satisfied with normal ones because we have small quantities of wastage daily so it can take one week to get full of the container.
  7. ramesh


    I always like to grow vegetables, and most of the time need tomatoes. I tried several vegetables and they come only during rainy season. Ive had Aloevera which is good for my health in eating sometimes. We here keep Tulsi (Basil) plant in every home and it must be for us. In the past had snake...
  8. ramesh

    Green thumb

    It is very hard to become natural green thumb unless you are regularly gardening. I was supposed to be like that, but due to office house hold and kids work cannot able to do more. I thought several times their would be an easy way to garden like automatic planting, but it never happened. This...
  9. ramesh

    Solar Fencing

    I agree this thing, but some of them are cheaper on net than offline. Solar fencing products are always cheaper offline because online sellers bring from nearby manufacturer and sell them online for double cost.
  10. ramesh

    what is your favorite pesticides ?

    I myself made neem oil from neem leaves than buying from online or offline stores. We all know everyone are busy in jobs other things so its hard to making anything, but our food is our health protection.
  11. ramesh

    4 way water tap commections

    I am first time to see this product, since I used 4 way connectors to connect in 4 directions. I see here too the pressure will get lost, but it is good for timers to open the taps in different timings. Did anyone made any type of irrigation using this product?
  12. ramesh


    Hi Simon, Welcome to the Dripworld Community, hope you have long journey here since we all need to grow our own food for protecting from Toxins.
  13. ramesh

    Smaller beds??

    You can have such type for making space for more crops. It all depends upon you and your location also your plan.
  14. ramesh

    Rubber leg foots

    The price is very high on internet sites, would you tell me the quality of it manufactured?
  15. ramesh

    How to control of White flies?

    My plant got infected with white flies and am unable to control it. I tried several ways by spraying soap water too, but still affected, any idea to regrow the plant as the leaves also becomming brown.
  16. ramesh

    Leaf getting fold and then Dried

    One of my flower plant got affected like this and when I opened half folded lead their is a worm inside it and it making plant to unhealthy. I have removed most of the effected leaves, but still I see their is something which casuing trouble. I sent video to the admin can you upload it here?
  17. ramesh

    Seema Chinthakayalu ( Manila Tamarind )

    I used to eat most of the time this tamarind which is grown at my home. I came to know it has lot of vitamins and proteins to fight with diseases. I am asking do you all eat this Manila Tamarind? It is also called as Jungle jalebi that means it is available in forests. Anyone you know more...
  18. ramesh

    Growing Grass

    Yes, its long back and lost the description, but I was looking to grow grass in my balcony to keep clean and green. I was afraid about insects and worms that can bite us from growing grass. Do you have any idea to grow grass in ablcony for our feets?
  19. ramesh

    How often do you rotate your plants?

    I will rotate once or twice in a month, but not daily since no time to do works against the plants, but your suggestion is excellent for any plant growth.
  20. ramesh

    New soil for new plants?

    You need to clean the soil and miz with new soil too because the old soil minerals all were eaten by the past plant. I suggest you to check worms, insects in that soil, if you haave earthworms then use that soil as it really helps in growing.