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    How to determine Salt in ground water?

    How can I figure out if there is too much sodium (salt) in a superficial well developed for Irrigation only? how much salt-water is for lawn, Garden and shrubs?
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    Is their opportunity for farming and irrigating technicians in this modern world?

    I am a university student doing my 1st year at ould - course is farming and watering technological innovation.i and my set partners are the first set to persue this, we are completely sightless about our upcoming.I am basically desired to know the opportunity of this course...
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    How did watering (Irrigation) modify sumerian?

    The excess of storable food made by this economic system permitted the inhabitants to negotiate in one place, instead of moving after plants and grazing area. It also permitted for a much higher inhabitants solidity, and in convert required an comprehensive labor power and department of labor.
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    Premade soils aren't organic....

    Enzoo I am very frustrated with your declaration since here in our Nation most of them has efficiently grown natural vegetables using Cocopeat, Vermi compost and so on. This is an easiest method to grow anywhere either on roof or in homes. I will write soon some articles using this Cocopeat and...
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    Built Barrier, Client Won't Pay?

    I have thought to do like this for one of client, but they asked more money for filing a case. However I thought to removing fencing from them later, but they had paid me when I forced with the police support.
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    What are some good brand company for farm machinery?

    I was too looking for this kind of equipment, thanks for the details as it assisted to me a lot. So Far buying machines will be always risky and might need to get assisted from someone, like this forum.
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    Trouble ruining out my sprinklers? Help!?

    My spouse and I tried ruining out our sprinklers this mid-day. We shut the watering device (the one linked with the pipe joints under the street), started out the device to the watering, and then installed the air air compressor. We switched on the air compressor & switched on the watering. The...
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    Agriculture hmwk help?

    Evaporation Flooding Groundcover Hyrdologic cycle Irrigation Organic matter Reservoir Sediment
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    How irrigation systems might lower quality?

    Any water-soluble substances that may be present on area can be demolished and taken into the ocean by journeying through the sewer. Although, the greatest issue to water quality is whether substance sectors get rid of of their spend in a securely and moral manner.
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    Environmental science education is here?

    Can some one help me with this questions listed below? 1, you are not a farmer, do you still have some liability for the destruction of water due to watering for farming? 2, where is watering most intensely used in the U.S? 3, how does surging impact the water high top quality of a river...
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    Does men can have a colonic irrigation?

    We have them about 3 periods a season at modify of periods.
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    What are the features of irrigation?

    Just for education and learning.:angel: