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    4 way water tap commections

    Here is a video you can see how much pressure it provides when connected to the tap.
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    Hello Simon, It's not to be a perfect Gardener to be here, but we all are learners so please post on what you see in and around your home. Welcome to the Agriculture Farm, hope you had a great day here.
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    Guava Stylar and Rot infected

    That\s a great job since it is hard to maintain big trees as no one able to control from time to time. I am thankful to you since a lesson was learnt from this thread.
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    Electric composter

    That's awesome, but here we grow plants inside home, on the house so need to have bin for wastage materials. I have seen our Government is recycling the garbage too for a environment friendly region.
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    Stormchasers & destruction of storms

    I have never thought on this since in our area storms happen only during rainy season, so I avoid farming during that time. I never video taped of storm or did not concentrated about storms. Here most farmers lost crops during this storms, but never thought to learn about it. I lost crops twice...
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    Transplanting tips

    Transplanting is not a easy job so never think to transplant again and again. I seen in most groups Gardeners complained that their plants had died when transplanted that got from nurseries. I have successfully transplanted some plants by inserting the plant with soil that came along with...
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    Electric composter

    @ZandraJoi I have seen only compost bins here, but never electric bin that decomposes kitchen waste material. Did you used it or anyone of your friend and what is inside the box?
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    HydraFlex Draper from John Deere

    Thanks for sharing this machine here @ramesh I would like to see even more machines in this community, please keep posting on. I would love to have such machine with me, but it will never happen because it is too big for large acres farm.
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    4 way water tap commections

    This is very true, but this system can be applied where you need multiple lines within a short range, but automatic taps would be best than manual taps. The tap is great and you can use drip lines for your need. The tap mouth looks it is not suitable for 16mm lateral pipe, please check the...
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    Sprinkler for Mint plants

    I understand your points, but we have to keep clean leafy vegetables. Tomato plants too need Sprinkler system from time to time in order keep fresh healthy plants vegetables. An Example, We drink water daily for growth and nutrition system, but we use lot of water to bath our body daily in...
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    Branch Cutting Tool

    @shiva I like those tools, but this will shake our hands, did you ever tried in using such tools? I have an electric plywood cutter which makes lot of noise and shakes too.
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    Headers and Platforms

    You should have made a video and handed to me for showing here, we all are interested to learn everything from each other. I have to get a new farm so thinking to grow some crops soon.
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    Branch Cutting Tool

    You can go with this tool and attach to some pipes so that it can reach to the top of tree, but see the strength of the pipe and handling. I too tried manual pruning tools, but getting them to work is impossible in some areas.
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    Cost of gardening gloves in india

    I agree with you, but here comes main reason is product quality and sizes, most of the online information is wrong and different products. These Gardening gloves can be found online and they are cheap too if we buy some more products from the same store.
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    Watering for Hanging Baskets?

    @shilparamam You need a drip irrigation kit to install the water for your hanging post, but best method is to use PVC for permanent watering place. Here is a video watch how he installed the kit for hanging pots.
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    Watering for Hanging Baskets?

    Do you like to use Lateral pipe for setting to water your hanging pots or the best one is PVC method which can be installed easily than lateral pipe, let me know which type you want and why? I will guide you to install an easy system for easy gardening.
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    How does weeds spread?

    Manual is one of the best method and it takes time too however we have to see an easiest way to work for long areas. @john1 I have forgot to mention that these weeds come from seeds that are falled earlier so they grow again and again. I would say you can stop them by removing and throwing...
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    Grass Cutting Machine?

    Try using this type machine as it looks very perfectly made.
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    Drip irrigation for Terrace

    The store is currently offline and I am looking to open later once all the products finished. As for an automation kit their require some products to Finish. I have Timer 220 volts if you want let me know
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    drip irrigation

    Please let me know your problems in setuping Drip Irrigation for your Garden or Farm. I would like to help you in this procedure.