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  1. shilparamam

    How to make organic weed killer at home?

    Ive had hens, but they spoil plants so kept them away also do they are harmful for our plants? You have lots of experience and here I am thinking to remove only unwanted plants that are growing again and again. There are no insects also they can be removed easily. Thanks for your advice.
  2. shilparamam

    Saint grows Wheat on his Head

    I am surprised that this saint is growing wheat on his head. I am still not yet understanding how does this happened and why he wants to put on his head?
  3. shilparamam

    4 way water tap commections

    @admin Thanks for your clarification, yes it is not suitable for lateral pipe also you have helped me for this in setting and buyomg this product. Where can I get similar in connecting to 16mm lateral pipe? Any advice really appreciated.
  4. shilparamam

    How to make organic weed killer at home?

    I have used Epsom salt and it didnt worked well for removing weeds. I have removed manually them because their is no other choice at all.
  5. shilparamam

    Watering for Hanging Baskets?

    Here is a photo which I changed mug to pipe attached, but this method also not good since water is flowing out of the pot and so on. It looks dangerous to climb on a stool to water the plants manually.
  6. shilparamam

    Diy Hydroponic System

    I had come up to make an Hydroponic system by myself since it looks much easier just like drip irrigation installation and I want to give a try. P.S let me know what are the requirements and how can setup one system easily. I watched on Youtube, but asking once more to decide the setup.
  7. shilparamam

    Hanging Pot Extension Hook

    I too bought most of them offline for cheap, but one thing is that we can check the item according to our need, but online cannot and buyin Timer or electronis online is the best and cheapest prices.
  8. shilparamam

    Is there any automated flower irrigating program available in Indian.?

    I have seen and heard from grdening groups that timer is the most valuable instrument for setting up water to the plants. I have not yet done as I am getting new pots in the next month. I too understand the major problem for watering to them in timely manner. We all have to do household works...
  9. shilparamam

    What do you do if you get brown ends on your spider plant?

    Just cut those dry leaves from the plant or tree and water it properly also see the soil if any chemicals or anything preent in that. It is a short term, but showing plant had some problems in growing. You can also the check the leaves if any insects are their since butterflies lays on it.
  10. shilparamam

    Cotton picker from john Deere

    Looks heavy machine, but small farms unable to bear the cost of machine. i think Government owned farms may utilize this machine or larger farms or hire per hourly or daily rent.
  11. shilparamam

    Daedons DXM85 Review

    This is a Rice plants cutting machine which cuts easily in the Rice farms. I am undersanding how much time can be saved using this machine which was brought from Japan. What are your views on it and how can we buy such a big machine?
  12. shilparamam

    Coir Pots

    Here is a video different types of coir pots and the language is Tamil, but you can view how they are used for different purposes.
  13. shilparamam

    hydroponic ginseng

    I havent seen Ginseng can be grown Hydroponically, but may be it is a well suited crop for commercial purpose. Ginseng is a huge profitable business, but grwoing under Hydroponics will be hard as per my thoughts.
  14. shilparamam

    Grass Cutting Machine?

    I have seen laser cutting machine too, however I don't like it at all as it is dangerous to us. The best one you can use a robot like Tank robot for cutting grass.
  15. shilparamam

    Watering for Hanging Baskets?

    Thanks @ZandraJoi for your helpful hints and usage, but my thought was to fix them and water directly from tap due to house hold works. Presently i am watering by using a bamboo stick with small mug attached to it. I heard somewhere on internet they made fully automatic for hanging plants too.
  16. shilparamam

    Multicrop Digital Reaper machine

    I came across to this video and it looks an amazing machine for all crops, did anyone used this machine or know more about it?
  17. shilparamam

    Grass Cutting Machine?

    Their are few grass cutters which can cut grass easily, but be sure to use safe machineries. This one is cheap without battery, but best is use a auto lawn mower .
  18. shilparamam

    Sprinkler for Mint plants

    I have mini Mint plants in hanging basket so does somebody tell me whther I should install dtip or Sprinkler for watering to the plants? Any advice shall be appreciated.
  19. shilparamam

    Watering for Hanging Baskets?

    How to water for Hanging Baskets without falling to the bottom? I am getting tired by climbing and watering to the plants everyday so anyone please advice me how to setup an easy watering system?
  20. shilparamam

    Coco Pole 3 feet

    I have seen an advertisement in Flipkart while browsing for coir pots, can somebody tell what is the benefit of Coco pole? and how can we use it for garden plants?