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    New Year 2020

    Wish you A Happy New Year 2020 I am hoping this year might be a good year for our Dripworld forums to make more members with active community.
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    Farmer's Day

    Happy Farmers day as every farmer should celebrate it, but they always looks for the rain and help from the Government. A poor farmer who should not believe in the govt and work hard for the future.
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    World Soil Day

    Today is the world soil erosin day and every farmer should celebrate it for farming. I hope the farmers would increase, but everyday we are losing our great farmers.
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    How to build Hydroponic Systems

    I wonder how many how many of you are building hydroponic systems in your home or Farms, could you post some information regarding setup and production.
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    Registrations are Opened

    You can register into our forums and post in introduction section only. Due to huge spam we just made settings for newbies to post in Introduction section. Once you posted we will move your account to another group so you are able to post everywhere. If you immediately want then please contact...
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    Types of Gardening

    There are several types of Gardening and it is not just a garden that is outside of your home. I am listing few types of Gardens that I remebered them. 1. Terracve Gardening 2. Balcony Gardening 3. Container Gardening 4. Raised Bed Gardening 5. Balcony Gardening 6. Indoor Gardening 7...
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    Land require

    We require some acres of land to farm agriculture in and around Andhra Paradesh and Telangana too in India. This is for one of our client who requested to post here and facilitate farming.
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    More Components

    We are releasing some more Irrigation components like drop irrigation, IRISO water spikes, Screen Filter and some eletcronic timers. For payment stem, we will be accepting Paytm, Cash, money transfer, etc. We will be adding soon Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the price always fluctuates that make...
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    Payment options

    We are accepting currently bank deposit, Paytm, Paypal, Webmoney. If you are not comfortable with these payment processors please ask us for your suggested payment system. We will get back to you and there are more products with us than any other online stores. As par our new products Dig...
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    Solar Panels

    We are looking to sell Solar Panels from the next month on wards, if anyone interested in buying them please contact us or use our store.
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    Irrigation Pipe Machine

    We are looking to buy a Irrigation pipe machine for our company urgently, and please quote your rates here or mail us directly to our services. dripworld at gmail dot com
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    Irrigation Store

    I have decided to open the store for Agriculture and Gardening resources.It is in still under process and anyway ill start in August.Our store is at and i am not allowing any credit card or paypal payments etc. You can post in the forums for a while if you interested...
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    drip irrigation

    A simple step by step drip irrigation tutorial will start here you can watch and ask any questions here but i am not author of it
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    we have launched this forum recently but didnt opened because of some developments and still it is under progress anyway you can join and start posting in this forum for agriculture. please be adhere with our terms. 1.We allow only agriculture related information to that. 2.Do not spam by...
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    we are looking for business partners for drip irrigation in andhra pradesh.we also interested from foreign countries.