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  1. shilparamam

    Dutch Bucket System

    I haven't seen a thread for this Dutch bucket hydroponic system, is their anyone using such type of things or used in the past. I am looking to got with totally with Hydroponics because of low investments.
  2. shilparamam

    drip irrigation

    Do you tell me whther i should go with PVC drip irrigation or through Lateral pipe system? I think there are more systems, but I am looking for the best and easiest method.
  3. shilparamam

    Best Automatic Timer

    Ill give a try with this Solenoid valve, but this too need a timer so what type can you recommend me? I saw online Tm615 or some types, but do they meet for gardens?
  4. shilparamam

    What is the best outdoor solar security light?

    If you are looking for Security lights, then go with motion sensor as the @Greencorner posted above. I was not here due to the Covid ongoing problems.
  5. shilparamam

    Is my soil wrong for carrots?

  6. shilparamam

    Is my soil wrong for carrots?

    would suggest you to use Vermi Compost so this can give some good fertilize and for growing anything. I will try to learn more about growing carrots and they were cheap in market. The reason is for not growing because of the cost although we all are looking for fresh vegetables only.
  7. shilparamam

    How to use Tea as a Compost To My Plants?

    I am looking to use the waste tea as a compost for my plants, does somebody guide me how to start applying in my garden?
  8. shilparamam

    How to make Compost for Soil?

    I am looking to add compost for my garden plants and new plants that are in under consideration. I can buy, but the cost make me to loss, so please guide me how to start processing compost using Vegetables.
  9. shilparamam

    How to grow Broad Beans from seeds?

    I am looking to grow broad beans ( chikkudukaya ) at my home as i love to eat beans and it consists of good taste. Please guide me the best way to grow and keep it for along life.
  10. shilparamam

    How to grow Bottlegourd on Terrace?

    I am looking to grow Bottlegourd on my Terrace, could someone advice me how to start for growing 2 to 3 plants and how long does it survive?
  11. shilparamam

    What did you done in your garden today?

    I am just asleep, bit doing anything with garden from past few days, however still looking to clean the garden area.
  12. shilparamam

    How to grow cucumber in Container?

    I have seen the Cucumber price is too low in the market, but still interested in growing fresh cucumbers in my garden. Please tell me what are the best ways to grow and how many can I get in a month?
  13. shilparamam

    How to Grow Gongura from Stems?

    Could somebody tell me the best possible method to Gongurra plant at my home? I love to eat it a lot, but to Covid disease it's hard to buy from market.
  14. shilparamam

    Growing Mint using Hydroponics

    Is it possible to grow mint under Hydroponics method or not? I am asking this because we see most of them are growing Spinach Tomatoes under Hydroponics so why this is not possible?
  15. shilparamam

    How to grow Mint from stems?

    I have seen online so many are growing mint using stems with large area. Do I need red soil or any other compost for growing mint?
  16. shilparamam

    Do PVC greenhouses protect from frost?

    Does plastic is used for any frost protection in Greenhouses? if so how?
  17. shilparamam

    Does plastic greenhouses any good?

    I am seeing Plastic Greenhouses in the market and looking to get one for my terrace gardening, do you think is it worth to buy it and how much it cost? Any idea on this plastic greenhouse?
  18. shilparamam

    What can I grow in a small greenhouse ?

    I am beginner and still looking to start a Greenhouse with multi crops, but i don't want to cry or hate in Gardening because of lost in faith. In recent times i used to garden in red soil, but here we are seeing a lot of improvement by modern Techniques.
  19. shilparamam

    Growing Organic Supermarket Potatoes?

    How many of you grown such type of Potatoes? does this will really helped to outcome for your business?
  20. shilparamam

    New Zealand Spinach

    Newzealand Spinach variety is rich in Vitamin K and does anybody noticed in their diets?