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  1. srinivas

    Nano EV Tractor

    Did you really recommend in buying a nano Electric Tractor for me since it is a renewable energy without petrol or Diesel. This will help in digging soil and carrying farm tools or materials. Please let me know more details about this.
  2. srinivas

    Heavy duty Earth Auger?

    Did anyone used this Earth auger in their own farm yards or anywhere? I was lloking it and fery simple to anyone who can afford to buy and planting for plants,
  3. srinivas

    DC sump pump?

    I am looking to use 12v two sump pumps in series on a 24v connection in one of my home. How does this will effect on motors? do they get damaged by doing series method?
  4. srinivas

    Why we need more than one controller?

    Do we all need more than one controller like we had already lights and Fans? I won't think that we reuired an extra charge controller. P.S let me know what are your valuable thoughts on this.
  5. srinivas

    Solar Submerisible Pump

    Which is the best Solar submerisible pump for 100 feets deep borewell? I was looking to place this in my borewell since free energy can be used and no bills for the future.
  6. srinivas

    Mini Solar Pump

    I am looking to purchase a mini water pump that can be used from solar energy or with battery. I have only 20 plants around it and need to water them using Drip and sprinkler systems. Could somebody guide me in best details.
  7. srinivas

    Digital Solar Stove

    I am looking to buy a digital solar stove for saving fuel and energy including money. As we see the gas prices are increasing day by day hence I am looking to move into renewable nergy for the future use. Any idea on this
  8. srinivas

    Mini Solar water pump for 25 feets

    I want to fill the tank for free by using renewable energy, however I don't have much funds nor my relatives that can afford to buy Kilowatts system. I am looking a mini water pump that can lift 2 floors building with easiest mehod. I have seen 12v water pumps can boost to highest levels. P.S...
  9. srinivas

    What is the difference between PWM and MPPT

    While I was going to buy I got some confuse on these two products in the market and am unable to understand which should I buy. could somebody give good explanation for buying best Solar charge controller.
  10. srinivas

    Simple Drip Irrigation with Pet Bottle

    While I was searching got this video and it is sample that I can't tll you how much it is. Watch this video and you are in the way to use it in yoru homes or gardens.
  11. srinivas

    Solar powered tiller construction

    Does anyone made Solar Powered Tiller in India? if so what is the cost of this tiller and does this really tills the soil like generator soil tiller?
  12. srinivas

    Mini Solar Charge Controller

    I am looking to use Solar panel for my home in order to save some money from free energy. I was searching from last few days, but still unable to resolve which one shouls I use and why? Please specify Solar panel too with size as I would buy 10 AMP Solar charge controller because it is cheap...
  13. srinivas

    How to grow Rhubarb?

    While I was browsing on internet suddenly got this information on Rhubarb. I have never seen in India because I wont go to super markets. Can somebody tell me where do I find in the market also how to grow them in India. I am hearing Rhubarb has more benefits to us.
  14. srinivas

    Size of Root growth?

    Did anyone seen a chart or image that shows which plants have more root growth and / or those with less root growth? I was worried about what I couldgrow in my NFT system since water backing up in pipes.
  15. srinivas

    What do You use to adjust your pH?

    Could somebody tell me how do you adjust the pH levels of their aquaponic systems? I am just starting so have many more questions
  16. srinivas

    Starting in Aquaponics

    I just learnt aquaponia in the backyard. Can anyone recommend a good n system to buy in Hyderabad Telangana? You will probably need to cool the water temperature because it is very hot. Thanks.
  17. srinivas

    App Features for Aquaponic Instruction

    Is their any Application for aquaponics instructions and controling. I have serched on net but unable to find any related site or application. Kindly I suggest to you all find an application or shall we make a new application?
  18. srinivas

    Does buffer can change PH?

    I am seeing my buffer increases PH when I put into the system. I had a question does this happens with anyone of you and how one can control it. Currently my buffer is KHCO3 and how does it can be cintroled?
  19. srinivas

    Guava Stylar and Rot infected

    How do you treat these Guava fruits that are infected with Rot and Stylar. My tree got most times and I was controling by pruning some branches, however it is not yet solved.
  20. srinivas

    4 ways Misting Nozzle

    Any idea on this and how to use, which type of moptor we need to operate? I am planning to cultivate some vegetable plants in a greenhouse so please advice me the best way to implement everything.