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    Growing grass in a bad lit area

    You have said, replaced the soil and everything, so does the grass is not growing well? Is this in all seasons? I think you started just few months back.
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    hi Welcome abroad, where do you stay and what plants do you like to grow in your country?
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    Jos Elkins in UK

    Great share, I haven't found such type of plants in our area.
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    I had did program the rainbirds sprinkler system, but it is not working.

    All things I have mentioned in title, any help will be appreciated.
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    How much does landscape sprinkler set up cost?

    How much cost to have an experienced man come to my home and set up sprinklers?
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    The warm is here is it i'm over/under watering?

    I Started few days back vegetation in a green house, then they were replanted on 4/10. I select all complete sun fresh vegetables. My vegetation are properly watered by a landscape sprinkler at 11pm. They look dry so Ive been irrigating them again between 12-3. Could I be under irrigating them...
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    How to have a great lawn?

    I manage my own garden, and I'm not having much fortune with it. The floor is very hard-packed so garden won't even develop in some locations. The floor maintains water prefers no one's company, so even though it's hard-packed, it's wet all the time. The ground has a higher clay-based material...
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    Hello All

    hi Welcome to the dripworld forums, hope you will enjoy here.
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    Automatic watering system using timer 555

    The 555 manages about 1 moment. You need a program agreement to create the 555 manages 24 time wait. Why don''t just buy the 24 time clock insxpensive ly ??. Please seek advice from There a lot of example about 555. -- How the 555 performs.
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    Is there any automated flower irrigating program available in Indian.?

    Switch your plants into self irrigating containers. They keep the water in a base tank and pull up as much as they need. You can get them at Wal-mart.
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    Automatic watering system using timer 555

    i want to water my flower daily for about 5 to 20 sec...can this be done using 555 timer? if so,please help or recommend an substitute...can a 555 clock manage 12 hours delay? please help,thanks in advance!! i hav every element prepared except the timer!!