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    Neb here

    Hi Nebulous Welcome to the Dripworld community and hoping to see you around here for a long time. I see how you are energetic in gardening and hoping to get some good advice from you.
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    Hey dripworld

    Hello, Welcome to the Dripworld community and hoping to see you around here while growing beautiful plants in and around your home.
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    Nano EV Tractor

    Did you really recommend in buying a nano Electric Tractor for me since it is a renewable energy without petrol or Diesel. This will help in digging soil and carrying farm tools or materials. Please let me know more details about this.
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    Heavy duty Earth Auger?

    Did anyone used this Earth auger in their own farm yards or anywhere? I was lloking it and fery simple to anyone who can afford to buy and planting for plants,
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    Aloevera as a Fertilizer

    Aloevera is a powerful fertilixer that can be used ofr most plants, but speacially it is good for plants stems as the rooting can heppen very easily.I have seen most people used this in the potting mix for killing worms and controling infection.
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    Dawn dish soap and water

    It is true, most of the mealy bugs and insects can be killed also brought it to be in under control. I have did this myself to control caterpillars in the past and it worked with Dish soap or surf. Just give a try and see your works as it nothing will be lost in experimenting.
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    RAIN GUN SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEM | Agriculture Irrigation Technology

    This is very big sprinkler and I worked with only small sprinklers and even with Rain Gun but it is like a revolver. I never seen this much huge Rain gun sprinkler and thanks for sharing it here.
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    Solar for RVs

    RV solar panels means your RV solar panels sit on your roof like a flat sheet on your slab. A RV solar system can run even AC's heater Fan etc. This will cost less if you properly adjusted your system while placing on your roof.
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    DC sump pump?

    I am looking to use 12v two sump pumps in series on a 24v connection in one of my home. How does this will effect on motors? do they get damaged by doing series method?
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    Why we need more than one controller?

    Do we all need more than one controller like we had already lights and Fans? I won't think that we reuired an extra charge controller. P.S let me know what are your valuable thoughts on this.
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    Solar Fencing Components

    Here are some more components that are used in Solar Fencing anf might helpful for th builders.
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    What is the best outdoor solar security light?

    @admin I think those Security lights are 220 volts that doesn't work with Solar I believe. I may think you are referring to use inverter for them. I think it is perfect for using an inverter to normal solar lights that will cost effective. How about 12volts Solar Security lights?
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    Solar Submerisible Pump

    Which is the best Solar submerisible pump for 100 feets deep borewell? I was looking to place this in my borewell since free energy can be used and no bills for the future.
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    Mini Solar Pump

    I am looking to purchase a mini water pump that can be used from solar energy or with battery. I have only 20 plants around it and need to water them using Drip and sprinkler systems. Could somebody guide me in best details.
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    Digital Solar Stove

    I am looking to buy a digital solar stove for saving fuel and energy including money. As we see the gas prices are increasing day by day hence I am looking to move into renewable nergy for the future use. Any idea on this