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    DIY raised Garden bed?

    Raised beds are suitable only on the earth than on the terrace because the wood at the bottom will get damaged if we used on terrace. Raised beds doesn't have bottom wood of holding soil so the are not suitable. please check the image how a raised bed can be made.
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    DIY Hanging Basket Columns

    Do you want to hang to a stand or directly to the roofs as we see most homes have those baskets in front of home hanging. They have same methods just they hanged to roof or a stand, please let me know which one you need.
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    Best Automatic Timer

    Try Solenoid valve and see how it goes as members here are less and we are online unless we see each other connection personally. The admin is too preparing a timer for all of us, but it may take time and you should go with what you have presently. If you didn't bought at all then please let me...
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    MUCP here

    Hello Welcome to Dripworld forums Please don't post spam here at all and you will get warning points if the admin found out it.
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    Will baking soda hurt plants?

    Baking soda doesn't hurt the plant, but it helps in growing a dull plant too. Try to learn more things how to utilize it as a Fertilizer. I haven't did this, but soon going to do as one of my Guava plant is too much dull and not growing properly.
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    12 volts Timer

    Ive had 220volts, but their might be shortage now, did you checked in local markets or online so that it could help to you buy one. The cost might vary from 300 to 600 INR only.
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    DIY raised Garden bed?

    Raised beds need minimum 6 inches deep to 12 inches and it is not hard for developing a raised bed because there are so many ready made things in the market. Take redwood or black wood that comes nearly around 20 years. We will soon post our DIY raised beds here so anyone interested in buying...
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    DIY Plant Stand

    You can go with 25mm Square steel tube with parts to get connected each other. This is an easiest and storng stand that you can make it. Another way is to get welded, but you can't able to carry and fit it again. Try drilling holes and makine bolts attachments to that.
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    Diy Hydroponics Grow Box

    I found this article would be helpful to you since the lockdown is ongoing and the past project was too not completed. Take a look and let meknow if anything would need to get explain. Ill try to post everything with images so anyone can...
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    How to install PVC Sprinkler System

    You can easily setup it using some of our components and these are available in the store. You have to make 6mm threaded holes to connect threaded connectors, please see the reference images and let me know if you want any more assistance.
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    How to Install a PVC Drip Irrigation System for Trees

    Yes this is suitable for Trees too, but the cost will be huge so people go only with Lateral pipe as it is easy to install and re use too. The PVC drip Irrigation comes with more adhesive fixing so once set upped you cannot change the place or reuse. If you have few trees or surrounded at your...
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    Why are some of my tomato leaves turning yellow?

    If the plant looks sick, then the plant have some diseases, I would you suggest you to monitor regularly on this plant and keep in sunlight for sometime and see whether it improves or not. One more thing is to remove those yellow leaves as they will make more unhealthy if they fall into the...
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    Solar Fencing

    This offer might available, but for this time lock down is ongoing so wait for 2 to 3 months or private message to the poster so he can tell the current situation.
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    What is the best outdoor solar security light?

    Try this Solar Motion Sensor Light,Outdoor Weatherproof for Driveway Garden Path Yard. There are more lights that have come up for manufacturing in the Industries.
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    How long does solar security lights Last?

    IT all depends upon the manufacturer, but 10 years is the life cycle to endup. I would go with 5 years and then change those batteries and also Solar panels if possible.