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    How to start a Vertical Gardening?

    Vertical Gardening is good only for small plants where their is no place for planting big plants. You can also able to grow some leafy vegetables including tomatoes. This all depends upon the stand and the plan that you made to utilize the space forever. I would suggest you to try small plants...
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    How do I start a greenhouse garden?

    Greenhouse Gardening is better than normal gardening since the pests can't leave the fruits or plants. I would suggest you to to go with high profit plants that can give longer duration. Greenhouse require more money for making it and maintaining from time to time. Medicine plants are good to...
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    What did you done in your garden today?

    I had tilled the soil and placed a Mango in that pot, but I am not in the hope of gettinga plant, then a tree since Hybrid or Nurseries are good to keep in home.
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    What is good to grow in March?

    For flowers you can use these top plants for flowering all the time. Crossandra , Kalanchoe, Adenium. Lantana. Hibiscus For Vegetables try these beets, broad beans, Spinach, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, lettuce, onions, parsnips, peas, radishes.
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    which is the best type of sprinkler?

    Thanks for the advice and your tips are excellent. I would agree with you for the plants that need water to the roots, but if you go such as Mint, leafy vegetables, then amke sure we need to use Sprinkler in order to avoid pests.
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    Is their opportunity for farming and irrigating technicians in this modern world?

    You can go with the course and Currently Covid 19 virus will bring more jobs in these areas since all have to grow their own food instead of going to vegetable store. You can chekc within your areas as how they are working and how much profit is acquiring by them.
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    Sprinklers for Mint

    Do you want to setup with later pipe or PVC threaded pipe? I would suggest go with PVC pipe as it is the best solution when you had fixed garden in your area.
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    How to install PVC Sprinkler System

    These PVC threaded connectors are under process, once the lockdown is over we will start to process it soon. I am hoping this month will go off soon and May 1st Lockdown will be removed. The other Sprinklers too will be processed for lower cost so their is no need to worry on this things. Anyway...
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    DIY Plant Stand

    I see you had some good points, so I suggest to buy anyone or if you comeup with unique design then let us know we can help you. The best and easiest way to build is use corner joints with 25mm square tube that can perform well and longer duration.
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    Solar Fencing

    I am sure the offer might already over, since it is a long time forposting thread here, anyway one can find more jobs here soon. We are looking to advertise in more areas such as classifieds and sign boards.
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    DIY raised Garden bed?

    You can build a raised bed for cheap and that gives you a lot of space to plant many vegetables. These raised beds are most useful in gardens and terrace gardening too. Spinach Mint and some other leafy vegetables are excellent for using raised beds.
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    Can you mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide?

    Some people say this method is safe, but tit will become peracetic acid so keep them separate only. Never mix any cleaning products and most of the home owners complained in the past about these type of acids.
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    How to Grow Oranges at Home

    The best way to have oranges is to get a plant from Nurseries who will offer you an healthy plant. Don't buy online as you don't know which plant you get or how much it is fresh.
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    Require Frontier Timer TM 619

    At this time you cannot import because of Cornoavirus in the market. I hope you can get within in our country rather than importing. P.s I had 5 timers which were bought a year back so if someone wants then let me know. I don't want to keep most of the items for a long time.
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    What is the difference between fruit and vegetables?

    Thanks for your variations and I am hoping to get more variations to differentiate both.