Trellis Stakes, a Vineyard Support Ideas

There are many different types of vineyard trellis stakes that a person can buy. Read on to find out what types of vineyard trellis stakes that a person can buy.


Before trellis stakes is discussed, let’s discuss why they are better than woody vines. It all comes down to adequate support. Woody vines simply cannot provide enough adequate support. However, trellis systems provide more than enough support, which will allow people to grow grapes without worrying about whether or not the vines are receiving enough support.

One of the most popular types that a person can buy is the 1.75# rail line post. This product is one of the best rail line stakes on the market today. The 2# rail line post is also a popular choice among customers.


Mini line stakes and off-set mini line stakes are also available to purchase. The off-mini stake is perfect for people who are into orchard trellising. The off-set mini stakes have no wire slots but they do have holes, while the mini line stake has no holes and no wire slots.

Grape stakes, super stakes, super stakes grande and arrow vertical line stakes are also available for people to purchase, as well as a variety of other products such as metal line posts and crimped-edge vertical line posts.


The above mentioned stakes are just some of the vineyard trellis stakes that one can expect to find at great prices.

There are a few things a person should keep in mind when purchasing stakes. The first thing a person will want to keep in mind is measurements. Stakes come in many different sizes, so it is important to choose stakes that are the right size. Not only is length important to keep in mind when looking to buy stakes, but so is gauge. People should keep in mind what gauges they will need, as this will impact the price of the stakes.


As mentioned earlier some stakes have wire slots while some stakes do not have wire slots. A person will need to decide whether or not they need a stake with wire slots, and then get the appropriate stake. Also mentioned earlier, some stakes may have holes in them while other stakes will have no holes. A person will need to make sure whether or not they need stakes that do have holes in them or not, as this is important to know.


Finding the best trellis systems is not hard to do at all, but a person should know exactly what specifications that they need in order to meet their needs. If a person does not know exactly what they need, somebody can help them decide what trellis option would be the best for them to use. Selecting the proper trellis system is very important; therefore a person should not buy any old system. They need to take their time and check out the different types of vineyard trellis stakes, and then choose the ones that will best suit their needs.

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